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About Mayster Spaces

Based near Utrecht, Mayster Spaces is an innovative spacious film and photography studio complex featuring two separate turnkey studios for rent: The Roof & The Cube. Each of our state-of-the-art studios offers boundless opportunities for customized setups, and with our dynamic team, we ensure swift and precise operations. Ideal for professionals in fields such as fashion, music, retail and feature films.

“Shooting in the studio of Mayster Spaces is in itself a great experience, but the support from the Mayster Spaces crew made the day even more enjoyable.”

Denise, Studio Resolute

“My sculptures truly came to life in the ambiance of The Roof.”

Romé Schmidt, Artist

“We chose The Cube for its game-changing turntable. It elevates both the quality and quantity of our output.”

Rutger Broeders, RIFF productions

Studio 1: The Roof

Europe’s largest LED roof

The Roof studio spans 714 m² and features a fully programmable 126 m² RGB LED roof. It's ready to go whenever you are. With the capability to create millions of different atmospheres, The Roof is one of the most versatile lighting instruments you'll ever experience, perfectly calibrated to ensure an optimal, jaw-dropping result every time. Yours to rent now!

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Studio 2: The Cube


The Ultimate Softbox Studio

The Cube is an XL table-top studio, with a surface of 72 m2. The ultimate softbox studio with complete LED light control, integrated turntable with a diameter of 450 cm, laser-guided positioning and custom backdrops. The studio is equipped with a fixed camera position mount for fast and easy setups. With The Cube, you’re all set from the get-go. Significantly increasing the quality and quantity of your output. Yours to rent now!

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Under The Roof

Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren and Studio Resolute chose our state-of-the-art studio as the epic backdrop for his latest single 'Forever’. Explore the unique ambiance and professional setting that inspires artists to bring their visions to life. Here your next production could leave the same unforgettable mark. Step inside and create the future of entertainment with us as your support and companion.


Under The Roof

Romé Schmidt

Witness magic in the making when the multi-talented artist Romé Schmidt chose our inspiring studio to unveil his extraordinary creation, ‘The Elephant’. The Roof is where spontaneity meets perfection, elevating your artistic endeavours to new heights.


Under The Roof


Synergising luxury and experience, SAINTS & STARS is a high-end gym crafting extraordinary fitness journeys. In keeping with this level of commitment, The Roof offers limitless possibilities to create the masterpiece you want your audience to experience. Aligning seamlessly with the SAINTS & STARS ethos of inspiring individuals to become their best selves.


In The Cube


Together with RIFF Productions, CREON, the ultimate innovator in tailor-made control rooms, chose The Cube for their shoot. Capturing the essence of precision and control, our studio complements perfectly CREON's commitment to creating ergonomic, technologically-advanced and visually-optimized command centres. The Cube, with its advanced features, such as LED light control and laser-guided positioning, ensures a seamless production experience.


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